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Our Dream

We dream of a South Africa:

  • that is more inclusive; everyone’s voice is heard and their input is valued – from community level to the ‘top’ of society
  • where we will be “walking together” (see the Dinokeng Scenarios (2009), http://www.dinokengscenarios.co.za/scen_3.php): This is a scenario of active citizen engagement with a government that is effective and that listens. It requires the engagement of citizens who demand better service delivery and government accountability. It is dependent on the will and ability of citizens to organise themselves and to engage the authorities, and on the quality of political leadership and its willingness to engage citizens. It entails a common national vision that cuts across economic self-interest in the short-term. This is not an easy scenario. Its path is uneven – there is robust contestation over many issues and it requires strong leadership from all sectors, especially from citizens.
  • where youth take responsibility and are actively involved in making wise decision and choices that allow them to live fulfilled and productive lives.
  • where youth initiate diverse social activities and communities.
  • where youth take an interest in learning other languages and embracing and respecting cultures different from their own.

We want to activate responsible youth leadership, by means of managing diversity and active citizenship programming as well as some other key measures.