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Why become a member?

What do you gain from becoming a SAYLN member?

  • Networking opportunities
  • Active Citizenship process manual; training and mentoring in the use of the manual; support to implement the programme
  • Cross-cultural experiences and exposure; opportunities to learn about and through diversity work
  • Added leadership and life skills and general capacity development support for programme and organisation development
  • Regular, relevant communication and updates (via email to directors and SAYLN focal people) and quarterly visits by the SAYLN Coordinator and/or programme officers

What does SAYLN ask of its members?

  • Platforms and venues to implement Active Citizenship and other programmes
  • Access to their constituencies (potential youth leaders)
  • Minimal membership fee
  • Regular feedback through reporting

Membership form

1- Download form (PDF)

2- Fill the form in

3- Send the form to project@sayln.org.za

SAYLN is not a re-granting agency and does not wish to become one.
We may assist with the financing of SAYLN-related activities run by members, but this would be done on the basis of need and decisions taken on a case-by-case basis. Over time, we plan to encourage and support members to build SAYLN work into their own funding proposals so it is genuinely integrated and becomes a sustained part of how they work.